Wednesday, May 04, 2016

This flat panel LED wall mount light could be good for many types of security lighting.

Sometimes when people talk about security lighting, they often think that they have to have the brightest light possible. But with the way our eyes use light at nighttime, it's not necessary to have a large blast of light. Sometimes a more subtle light can do just as good a job as something that was overly bright. Many times with new LED technology people think that they want to get the maximum light output but there are some other things to consider. If you're overlighting an area you might just be wasting money in electricity, and you might be introducing glare to a situation that some of your neighbors may not appreciate. Every once in a while I'll hear of a building owner whose lights are too bright and it's going in the windows of neighboring houses. It happens a lot and it's something that can be prevented by using a more reasonable light. That's where this LED flat panel wall mount light fixture would be a good choice. This has a lower wattage then a lot of other LED products and it's made to replace HID lighting anywhere from 100 to 150 watt. And because it's mounting with the light facing down, you will prevent too much light spill from going elsewhere. All that being said you will have excellent light levels for doorway entries, secured areas and walkways where security cannot be compromised. So this is going to give you all of those benefits that you want in energy savings and excellent lighting for security without overdoing it. This is also made from diecast aluminum with a polycarbonate cover over the LEDs. This means it's going to serve you well for many years to come because it can resist the elements and rough abuse. If you mounted high enough you reduce those possibilities, but even if you don't you're going to get good performance. It has a 50,000 hour rated life so it's going to last many years to come and has a five-year warranty against early failure or defect. This is a quality product with stainless steel hardware and is sealed up completely so it's going to be impervious to water getting inside the unit. And for those of you who are doing a project that needs to meet certain energy efficient guidelines, these are DLC listed. It's a great new product that meets the need for lower light levels for many types of security and night lighting.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

LED temporary work lighting provides localized illumination wherever you want.

There's a new product that's out on the market that is a good replacement for many types of temporary lighting that people had been using in the past. This is an item for those people who want to get excellent localized illumination for certain task while having flexible lighting options. This is the LED temporary work light and it can be used for many different types of applications whether it be construction, general illumination, backlighting or certain types of night lighting. This will give people the ability to put light almost anywhere and not just from one central point, and especially where various heights and angles may be needed. This comes the LED light which is rated at 22 watts per head, and it also comes with an optional tripod you can set at any height that you want. This makes it possible to put the light on almost any surface and this could be important for many types of specialized tasks. I often think of this used in a residential or commercial garage where automobiles are being worked on. This might be a great way to get the light exactly where you need it and not from overhead lighting or some cheap trouble light. This will give you far better illumination and a better quality of light so will improve your work environment. There are a few configurations from just having the standard flood light to having twin heads with the tripod option. The flood light itself is completely sealed and will be very easy to maintain with no light bulbs. It's rated at 50,000 hours so you will get many years of use and maintained light levels. It can be used in so many types of applications and the price on this is going to be very reasonable. With solid construction that will suffice for commercial applications, this could also be used by any number of contractors that need to get light pointed in a certain direction to take care of the difficult job problem. This light is a natural replacement for the old quartz light fixtures that had a really high wattage and were a slight hazard because of the heat that they gave off. It will eliminate the heat issue and the short life of light bulbs that everyone complained about in the past. This LED work light is probably the best way to reduce wattage while maintaining light levels for completing any specific temporary lighting task.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

How can I replace U-shape fluorescent bulbs with LED?

There are a lot of people that have 2x2 fluorescent light fixtures in their offices and they take the u-shape fluorescent bulbs. They will often ask me whether there's a good LED replacement so they could save energy and change these to a longer-lasting bulb. This type of tube has not been known for extremely long life in the past, so many people want to replace them because they can be a bit of a pain to change. Now the solution is finally out in the marketplace with this U-shape LED light bulb that can either directly replace the one you have now without changing a ballast or another version where you can take out the ballast and wire it directly into power. Of course, one of the advantages of using the direct replacement that operates on a fluorescent ballast is that you don't have to have an electrician or yourself rewire it. All you have to do is a light bulb change and you're done. You still get excellent energy efficiency and the look of the LED which will match up some of the other parts of an installation you may already have. For those of you who want to go all the way and eliminate the ballast, then there is that direct wired option. There you have to do a little bit of rewiring as you take out the ballast for that type of installation. This type of light fixture will continue to be used in the future as it is made for smaller runs of light to fill out a room in an office or a complete pattern in a 2x2 grid ceiling system. If people asked me which one I would prefer, it would probably be to go all the way and take out the ballast completely. This would especially apply if you're going to keep the facility long-term and want to eliminate another component in the lighting system. But for those of you who just want a simple change to something more energy-efficient, then by all means the ballast run version works just fine and you will save money on the wiring. It gives the same amount of light as the fluorescent version and you're going and see that it doesn't change the performance of  the light fixture. It has a 50,000 hour rated life so it's going to last far longer than the older fluorescent version and it comes in a couple of different color temperatures that will match your office or home. For many of you who have an office lighting situation, this will complete your LED retrofit or make it a complete part of a project you doing now.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Any easy way to implement grow lighting.

With spring here in the northern hemisphere it might be a little silly to talk about indoor grow lighting at this time. But I don't think so. There are many people that we help on a daily basis that need to have a more constant light for whatever plant there trying to help along. So the cheapest and easiest way to implement a grow light is the simple T8 fluorescent grow light and a simple strip light fixture. It's really effective and will help your plants grow much better without all the extra cost of a more elaborate system. And for some of you just doing early seed germination for planting in the spring or summer that's all you need. So we got a couple of products that would be helpful to that end. We have single lamp or dual lamp strip light fixtures at a very low cost and you can put these together with the F32T8 fluorescent grow light bulb. There's a lot of flexibility here, you can mount these on almost any surface or you could suspend these by a chain. We've seen people do both and when they're trying to get the light closer to the plant itself they will usually do some kind of suspension. And if you really don't want to expend the money for the light fixtures, you can simply use these in existing light fixtures that you may have already. These are some of the most common type of fluorescent bulbs out in the marketplace and they will operate on any instant start ballast designed for them. The lamps have the right color spectrum and UV output that will help your plants grow optimally using fluorescent lighting. Keep in mind that when you get the lamps that they appear white but when you energize them they change to more of that light red purple. It's a hard colored to describe it it's unique to this type of lamp. These have a wide spectrum and peaks in different ranges of the spectrum that are most beneficial to plant growth. So if you want to save money with a simple way to implement grow lights, then this is probably the least expensive option for you.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

LED BR30 flood light replaces 65 watt with only 9 watts.

Sometimes it's hard to change things in life when something's been working for you so well for so many years. We become creatures of habit and the old ways are good enough. And you know, for a lot of things in life that makes sense. If it ain't broke don't fix it, right? But in the case of old lighting, it might make sense to change your mind about new LED lights. If you've been using the old 65 watt BR30 floodlight which is incandescent, then you're wasting a lot of energy. But for a lot of people they didn't want to spend all the extra money and the cost that was involved in replacing them. But the good news is that there is a very reasonably priced LED BR30 flood light which will fit in almost any location that you have whether it be a down light, track lighting or any kind of lighting that uses a flood light. What I like most about this one is that it looks like the original incandescent light source. It has the same color temperature and looks as close as anything I've ever seen. If no one told you that this was LED, you would not know it. And because this has such a low price point, almost anyone can afford it and in fact it doesn't cost much more than the original incandescent did. So you can save a lot of energy which means saving money. It reduces your electrical consumption in these lights by about 75 percent. If you notice the neck on these is just a tubular extension to the flood face. Having that extra shape was just extra cost in manufacturing, so it doesn't need to be added. It looks different but the effect is totally the same. This is what you're starting to see with LED lighting, it's changing the form factors of our lighting equipment whether it be a light bulb or light fixtures. It was inevitable that these type of forms would change the way we look at lighting and in many ways it's better. So take a look at these and you'll see the low price and the excellent performance making it truly possible to replace all those incandescent light bulbs without having to do a major retrofit. So change is good sometimes and in this case there's no sacrifice, only the good stuff of saving money and getting great lighting all at the same time.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Heat lamps won't be changing anytime soon.

With all the talk of greater energy efficiency in lighting, we often forget that there are some types of lighting that serve a certain purpose which new technology doesn't make any better. This occurs wherever you have a need for a certain kind of aesthetic appeal or something as functional as delivering heat. One of the products that we have carried over the years are incandescent heat lamps. These are often used in areas like restaurants where they need to keep hot food hot while it's waiting for waitress to pick it up. It's one of those simple things that can't be improved upon with some of the new energy efficient technologies. The whole point of those is to be more energy-efficient and produce less heat. So there are some things you have to stay with and this is one of them. Heat lamps come in a couple of different colors, clear and red. The red version is very appealing for many restaurant lighting situations because it gives the heat you need but also the red color that people associate with something hot. I don't believe the color makes any difference at all as far as the heat it produces, but it just looks better in many types of restaurant situations. These heat lamps are also used in agricultural situations where you're trying to get a higher temperature for eggs and other types of animal raising. Sometimes you just need the heat and not the efficiency. These are still the classic incandescent source and should remain that way for many years to come. It doesn't fall underneath efficiency guidelines because it's made for a specific task that only it can produce. So if you have a need for heat lamps, we still carry them in all the different wattages. Always make sure that the light fixture you have is rated for them and can accept them. You can't put these in just any light fixture, it has to be something that is made to handle the kind of heat that is generated by heat lamp.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lumecon LED shoebox light fixtures cover large parking and roadway areas.

We always like it when a new LED product comes out that not only performs well but is also made in the USA. I always believe that everyone should support US manufacturing wherever they can no matter what products they buy. It's important to us as a country as our manufacturing base has eroded and there are many people out of work for that reason. When you do buy a product like this, you don't have to sacrifice on quality either. I've seen this new Lumecon product line and it's a well-made product with superior castings, powder coating as well as the superior LED technology that they use. This is a perfect type of light fixture for parking lots, roadways and other areas where you need to have a good dispersion of light for security reasons. You can easily change out your old metal halide or high-pressure sodium light fixtures and go to this particular Lumecon light fixture. It has a six-inch arm so it will fit easily into your existing lighting poles. It's going to give you the light spread that you need so you have good overlap of light covering an area very evenly. And that's something you want to keep in mind if you're designing a new parking area, you want to eliminate dead spots or dark spots and keep it evenly lit. That's the most important thing when it comes to outdoor lighting, not so much the level of light, although that does play a part, it's really about how even you can get the light. Because our eyes use light differently at night, it's not required to have as much illumination, but our eyes do like an even light that we've adjusted to. The Lumecon LED shoebox light has a rated life of 90,000 hours and a 10 year warranty so you won't have to worry about early failure in the future. It has a couple of other features that could come into play for some people were trying to reduce the light even more in the wee hours of the morning for energy savings. It has a 0 to 10 volt dimming capability which could be used to reduce energy consumption further. It also comes in a type V light distribution as well as a type III which is used more often for roadway lighting. You also have a choice of color to get the right color effect for whatever exterior space you're trying the light. It's a great LED light fixture that has more benefits to you long-term and you know that you're supporting people who work and manufacture in the US.